The Bergs. Where else in the world can you hop on your own cruiser, on a beautiful cooking hot sunny day (overuse of adjectives acknowledged: my apologies to Professor Ed Eagles) and play amongst the most stunning, chilling and spectacular icebergs this side of the North Pole. Scale becomes of the utmost importance as your 30-foot boat is diminished by their gigantesque proportions and speed becomes your friend should the heat causes a thunderous crack and an ice avalanche. If you’ve never felt the warm air that envelopes you cool to sweet relief as you gaze at their crystalline beauty, you need to chase this down. As many of us know, taking advantage of this window to harvest “bergie bits” (iceberg ice) will ensure our libations are sufficiently cooled all summer long.  Iceberg ice is so dense it melts very, very slowly. What a delightful thought. Iceberg ice and your man… on a hot summer night as he tenderly tortures you with… oh, wait a minute… that’s the romance part and you need to read my stuff for that. This is pure blog and my top ten! Have a great day from Kat-Tay!