It’s not a new year, new me – no way. It’s a new year – with the same old fabulous me. If this sounds just a little bit cocky, let me explain. I think we are all too hard on ourselves – especially when January 1 rolls around. It is my belief that we are all way more fabulous than we think and to allow any doubt, dis-ease, or disappointment to  taint our impression of ourselves is surely going against the universal law of attraction that we are what we think about and, more importantly,  we attract what we think about. So I’m thinking fabulous and I hope you are, too… about yourself (LOL)  – not me. Although you can think it about me, too!  – I’ll take all the fabulous I can get. Let’s make this the Year of Fabulous ! Fabulous ideas, fabulous adventures and fabulous fun. We all know we accomplish a lot more when we come at things from an energetic positive perspective so why would we ever be anything less than fabulous? And if you need to lie about it about until you get there – so what?!…. Being fabulous gives you license to do that, too.