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Misty Muldoon

Meet Misty

Misty’s Misadventures has been described as Gilmore Girls meets Northern Exposure. What can I say? Having set the book in the fictional community of Charlie’s Cove, Newfoundland, I can draw upon the natural humour that is such a warm part of our culture.

And then there is my main character, Misty Muldoon …

Chapelle Hill, female P.I.

Meet Chapelle

I found my inspiration for Betrayal on a flight home from Charlotte, NC. I was playing with names and came up with an idea of a woman named Chapelle “pronounced like ze French say it – Sha-pelle” who marries a man named Corbin Hill and ends up with this very unusual name, Chapelle Hill.

This was only one of her problems and a minor one at that.

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